Country Decor is a big part of Quaint Essential Antiques here in Largo.
Country Primitive Home Decor, Country Furniture and Antiques will greet
you as you first walk in the front door!

So many times we hear "It smells so good in here!", how beautifully it's decorated and presented,
and how easy it is to see everything.


And what would Country Decor be if you didn't accessorize!
Our juried Folkartists are busy hand-crafting unique, One-of-A-Kind needfuls just for us!

We hand-select country primitive artists Locally & Nationwide to help fill the Seasonal
and Everyday displays for our country store here in Largo, FL.
We support Made in America for the American Country home as much as possible
and the difference shows!

The simple country life always brings to mind the farm, corn shocks, wheatfields,
Grandma's summer kitchen, root cellar, buttery & keeping room, lightning bugs in jars,
the quilting bee, the washline topped with clothespins and the earthy aroma of vegetables and fruits
gathered during the harvest season. We hope to provide you with just a little slice of those good old days
and the country life when you come down the back road & into our country store, in the heart of Largo!